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THE BOAT – Interactive Graphic Novel

The Boat by Nam Le is a critically acclaimed book of short stories which won many awards including the Prime Minister’s Literary Award in 2009. The last story in the collection is about a girl who’s parents send her to Australia by boat after the fall of Saigon in 1975 at the end of the Vietnam War.

SBS has commissioned an interactive graphic novel adaptation of the book by artist Matt Huynh who talks about the process of creating the artwork in the video below.

The difference a library can make….

The documentary film Gateway to the World takes place in Namibia’s capital city Windhoek, Katutura suburban area. In the film, two young library users are followed around the poor Greenwell Matongo area, where the local library functions as the people’s gateway to better life. Twenty year old Trevelin did not pass the 10th grade of schooling and ended up as one of the many out-of school youths in the area. Persuaded by a friend, he found his way to the nearby library and became interested in studying computers. He is now giving basic computer classes as a volunteer teacher in the library. Anna, 13 years, is a schoolgirl at the Olof Palme primary school. Every day after school she heads up to the Greenwell library where she is one of the library prefects. She helps other school kids with their homework, helps library customers with computer usage and plays with children, for whom the library is one of the region’s few safe havens. All the hours spent at the library have also reflected positively on Anna’s school results and in the future she intends to continue studying to become an engineer.

The Greenwell Matongo Library was initially founded in cooperation between the cities of Windhoek and Vantaa (Finland). The target was to bring the library services down to the grassroots level. The library was opened in 2005, and today it may well be that the library has even exceeded the expectations laid out for it. The public has embraced the library and there are so many users that there is hardly enough room to accommodate everyone. Nowadays the Greenwell Matongo Library also serves as an example library to the Libraries for Development project, which started in 2012 and is administered by the Finnish Library Association. The good lessons learnt from Greenwell will thus be extended both around Namibia (20 libraries) and even to Tanzania (2 libraries in the initial phase).

Length: 29 min

Language: English

Subtitles: English

Written and Directed by Tuomas Lipponen

Camera operator: Panu Somerma

Editor: Petri Mäkitalo

Sound post production: Jukka Putkinen

Produced by: Kirjastokaista –, 2013