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Famous People and Their Letters

Letter writing may be a long lost communication form due to today’s digital technology, but thanks to the internet we can read some amazing correspondence by some famous people. Letters of Note is a remarkable website that archives fascinating letters from well known people, complete with scans and transcripts of the originals where available. Some of my favourites (though there are too many to add them all) include:

  1. letter to the band Nirvana from recording genius Steve Albini in which he discusses his philosophy on recording rock bands. His take on payment is particularly interesting.
  2. The letter of response from writer Robert Heinlein to his troubled peer Theodore Sturgeon, who asked for help with his writers block. Heinlein sent back a letter with a bizarre and staggering 26 story ideas (two of which Sturgeon ended up using) along with a cheque for $100!
  3. A request sent to director Francis Ford Coppola to make a film based on the book The Outsiders by S.E.Hinton, a favourite of the kids at Lone Star School, California. The letter was sent by Librarian Aide, Jo Ellen Misakian and after reading the book Coppola agreed to make the film. I think we might show The Outsiders for our next CineCity screening since it was thanks to a librarian that it was made at all!

There’s an abundance of literary, quirky, funny, heart-warming and insightful correspondence to be found, so check out the site and dive into a treasure trove of letters!