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We’re Donating More Books to African Schools.


FCC Library has once again made a donation to the Australian Books for Children of Africa. This charitable group has been providing educational materials to impoverished schools in Africa since 2003. Our library has been a supporter for a while now and has made previous contributions of books that were weeded from our collection. We have just given them another book load this week which will hopefully go to good use in African schools.

This wonderful organisation is also having a fundraiser on the 30th June at the White Bar 127 Fitzroy St, St Kilda. It’s only $25 to see Valanga and Andrea Khoza, who are wonderful musicians. They mix up kwela rhythms with African ballads. The funds raised will help keep ABCA doing the fantastic work they do. You can see Andrea Khoza explaining why the work ABCA do is so important in the video below. Some of the books in the video came from FCC Library!

If you’d like to volunteer to help them click here.