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Want a chance to win some fantastic new novels? Huh, do ya?

Some of the titles you can win!!

Some of the titles you can win!!

All you need to do is submit a book review using the ‘Submit Your Review’ link on the left of this page. Just follow the format on the online form to tell us why you did or didn’t like the book, who you think will like it and your rating out of 5. The students who write the six best reviews before the end of Term 2 will win their choice of one novel from a selection of brand new titles!! All suitable reviews (including the winners) will live on forever in our library’s catalogue in the entry for that book. And remember, you can post reviews at any time (even after the comp) using the Curiositas Book Review Submission form.

Happy reading and reviewing!



One of my favourite authors, Charles Yu, has a book of short stories called Sorry Please Thank You. In it is a story called Hero Absorbs Major Damage which follows a computer game hero and his band of warriors on their quest through 256 levels of battling orcs, eating chicken and negotiating love triangles. This was already an awesome and funny story, but it has been given +3 Awesome Points with a new re-telling on Electric Literature’s Recommended Reading site (they publish one short story a week online) where one of the characters (an elf named Fjoork) has annotated the text and given his perspective on the events once only narrated by the Hero. You need to click on the highlighted yellow text to get Fjoork’s sardonic commentary. This is a new form of digital storytelling with exciting possibilities. Check out the story with its annotations here. And don’t forget to read the editor’s note for a bit of info about the story and its use of the annotation software.

Yu’s first novel, How to Live Safely in a Science Fictional Universe is also available to borrow from our library and I highly recommend it. I wish I could go back in time and read it for the first time again!


Soundbrenner Pulse: Wearable Device For Musicians


Having played various musical instruments from an early age I was fascinated to learn about this wearable metronome that syncs with your phone.  It’s designed for use with any instrument by musicians of all skill levels, from beginners to professionals.  The device can be worn around your arm or leg, depending on your instrument.  To find out more, here is a link to their crowd funding campaign with indiegogo.  I hope they reach their target, as feeling a metronome pulse rather than seeing or hearing it makes so much sense to me.  On another musical note (geddit?) ASAP Science have put together some audio illusions “Can you trust you ears?”  This video explains auditory illusions and phenomena such as the ‘Shepard Tone Illusion’.